Hitman: Absolution Friend Hit Facebook Campaign Canceled

The company apologizes for the marketing initiative

Video game publisher Square Enix is forced to one again apologize to the player community after it launched a Facebook based promotional campaign for Hitman: Absolution which invited the fan base to actually launch hits on their friends.

The official website for the campaign was only available for about one hour before the community reacted angrily to the way some users abused the mechanics.

A number of players also pointed out that the Hitman: Absolution campaign was basically promoting cyber-bullying, something that the gaming industry has been trying to distance itself from.

This is the second big misstep that Square Enix has made while trying to promote the most recent Hitman title.

The company was forced to issue an apology before the game was out for a trailer which saw Agent 47 square off against a group of highly sexualized nuns.

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