Heroes of Newerth Hacker Now Targets League of Legends

The mysterious individual will hack HoN once more and then move to another MOBA game

Heroes of Newerth, one of the more popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles out there, was hacked earlier this week by a mysterious individual who now shared on the web that he's going to target one of the most popular games in the genre – League of Legends.

MOBA titles have grown in popularity in recent times and this has attracted its fair share of shady individuals that tried to take advantage of players or breach into the developers’ systems.

Earlier this week, Heroes of Newerth, S2 Games' own MOBA title, was breached by a hacker.

According to the mysterious individual, who just talked with HoN players on Reddit, he found lots of vulnerabilities in S2's systems and might hack the game once more on Christmas (December 25).

The hacker also threatened that, seeing as how he had a lot of fun breaching HoN, he might target another popular MOBA – League of Legends – arguably one of the biggest online free-to-play games out there.

As of yet, LoL developer Riot Games hasn't commented on this threat.

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