Here’s the Gameplay Powered Intro Video for SimCity

Players can see the main features of the game and multi-city setups

Video game developer Maxis and publisher Electronic Arts are allowing gamers to take a look at the official intro video for the upcoming SimCity, designed to show off the new graphics engine of the game and its most important features in action.

The official description states, “Using all gameplay footage, the video shows off Multi-city play beginning with an expansive aerial view of one of the regions in the game before it dives into city specialisation, providing fans with a glimpse into how their cities can look when they specialise in dirty coal power, clean nuclear or wind power, or tourism.”

The video also allows players to take a look at the Space Center, one of the regional great works that players can build together.

SimCity will be officially launched on the PC on March 5 in North America and three days later in Europe.

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