Here Are the Retail Releases for the Week

Get ready for Devil May Cry remakes and Kinect Star Wars

The beginning of April does not bring too many retail releases for those looking for some new titles to buy and enjoy, which means that this might be a good time to look back into your own back catalog and see what you can quickly play and finish.

Fans of the Devil May Cry franchise will be able to enjoy the older titles, remade for the current generation consoles, while motion tracking fans will get access to Kinect Star Wars.

PC players also get access to Binary Domain, which has been available on consoles since February.

PlayStation 3

Devil May Cry HD Collection - Capcom – 3 and 6/4/2012

Xbox 360

Devil May Cry HD Collection - Capcom – 3 and 6/4/2012

Kinect Star Wars - Microsoft – 3 and 6/4/2012


Confrontation - Focus Home Interactive - 5/4/2012

Binary Domain - Sega - 6/4/2012

Shoot Many Robots - Ubisoft - 6/4/2012

Nintendo 3DS

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure - SEGA - 5/4/2012

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