Here Are the PlayStation Now Games That Can Be Streamed via the Cloud Service – Report

Killzone 3, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, and more are available for streaming

A brand new report has appeared online in the form of a list with games that are allegedly available for streaming to those who entered the PlayStation Now closed beta stage.

Sony introduced the PS Now cloud streaming service last month and impressed quite a lot of gamers worldwide.

Last week, it began sending invitations into a closed beta to various PS3 owners across the U.S.

Now, GearNuke has obtained a list of titles that can currently be streamed via PS Now and there are quite a few interesting ones, so check them out below.

First Party:

Killzone 3


Shadow of the Colossus

Third Party:

Papo & Yo

Darksiders II

MX vs. ATV: Alive

Disgaea 4

Ninja Gaiden 3


Both Ninja Gaiden 3 and Shatter require some great split-second reflexes, so it's good that Sony is testing out the latency of the streaming service with such intensive games.

Sony promised that, at the launch of PS Now, a hefty catalog of first and third-party games would be available.

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