Hawken Launch Is Delayed Indefinitely

The game will instead go into open beta to test features

Developer Adhesive Games and publisher Meteor Entertainment are saying that their mech-based Hawken is now delayed indefinitely, after initially being set to appear on the PC on December 12.

That date is now set to mark the start of an open beta period that will last as long as required to get feedback from the player base and make sure that all their observations are evaluated and implemented in the game.

Closed beta Hawken players have apparently criticized many design decisions made by Adhesive Games and they want to see some core mechanics of the game changed.

The game is multiplayer-oriented and allows players to create and customize a mech and then jump into a match in order to murder all other robots around or work as a team to achieve an objective.

We have a Quick Look for the close beta of Hawken on Softpedia.

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