Hawken Aims for Large Audience, Despite Impressive Graphics

The game is currently in open beta stage, feedback is encouraged

Mark Long, the chief executive officer at Meteor Entertainment, believes that gamers should try out Hawken because the impressive looks of the game can be achieved even on lower quality computers.

The executive tells PCGamesN that, “Our goal was to hit as large a market possible. 70% of the games on Steam would play on our minimum platform. Believe it or not, even though it does look graphically overwhelming… but it’s not a system killer.”

The quality graphics of Hawken are a direct result of the experience that the team working on it had with the Unreal game engine, with Long himself producing no less than 13 of them.

Hawken is a mech-based multiplayer title that allows players to create and customize their machines before heading into battle.

At the moment, the game is open beta and we took a Quick Look at Hawken earlier in the development process.

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