Hatsune Miku Becomes a Toy and Costume in Yakuza 5

Sculptures of her will also be found in the game's cities

Video game publisher SEGA has revealed how the popular Hatsune Miku will be integrated in the upcoming Yakuza 5 gangster drama.

Siliconera says that the star of a popular series of rhythm action games in Japan will be appear as a costume that character Haruka will be able to use during a number of sequences while snow sculptures will be clearly visible in all major Yakuza 5 towns.

Players will also be able to get Miku toys from the UFO catcher games.

Yakuza 5 is set to arrive on the Japanese market exclusively on the PlayStation 3 during December.

SEGA has not announced whether it will bring the game to the Western market, but the success of previous installments in the series probably means that it will be delivered during 2013.

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