Harmonix Wins Lawsuit Against Viacom, Will Benefit from Huge Settlement

The large corporation needs to pay lots of money to former shareholders

Harmonix shareholders who sued former parent company Viacom for unpaid performance bonuses have won the case against the huge conglomerate at the Delaware Supreme Court.

Viacom, through its MTV Networks subsidiary, purchased Harmonix in 2006 and, in 2010, the parent company decided to sell the video game developer.

This sparked anger among Harmonix shareholders, largely because Viacom still needed to pay a lot of money in the form of performance bonuses.

After rulings made by an arbiter and by a lower state court in Delaware in favor of Harmonix, Viacom appealed the decisions at the Supreme Court and once again lost.

As of right now, the large corporation needs to pay $299 million (€228 million) to the former Harmonix shareholders, according to Polygon.

As of yet, neither Viacom nor Harmonix have commented on the ruling.

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