Hanna Scriptwriter Now Working on Shadow of the Colossus Movie

The previous version of the scrip was linked to Chun Li creator

The Shadow of the Colossus movie project seems to be steadily moving ahead, with Seth Lochhead, the scriptwriter for action title Hanna, now set to create the narrative for the video game adaptation.

Previously, the movie was supposed to get a script from the writer who created the widely-panned story for Chun Li, another title based on a video game franchise.

Josh Trank, the writer and the director of indie superhero-powered Chronicle, is set to direct Shadow of the Colossus, according to Variety.

Kevin Misher, known for Public Enemies, is set to produce it, with the financing brought in by Andy Berman and by Kevin Chang.

Work on the Shadow of the Colossus movie has been ongoing for at least four years, but it seems that until now those involved have failed to find a clear way to translate the story of the game for the big screen.

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