Halo TV Series Might Air on Showtime First – Report

The Steven Spielberg Project could appear on the cable channel

The Halo TV series that's currently in development between Microsoft and Steven Spielberg might eventually air on Showtime, the U.S. cable channel, first , and then on the Xbox platforms, like the Xbox One.

Microsoft finally revealed its plans for the Xbox Originals programming that's set to debut later this year across the Xbox One, Surface tablets, and more. From documentaries, to reality shows or even a digital movie base don the Halo franchise, there are quite a few great projects.

Among them is the Halo TV series that was announced by Steven Spielberg at E3 2013 last year.

Now, Variety reports that Microsoft is in some tough talks with U.S. cable network Showtime about airing the show on TV.

Negotiations, however, are progressing slowly largely because Microsoft doesn't want to risk the Halo franchise so easily and that it still wants to promote the Xbox entertainment platform instead of just Showtime's programming.

Microsoft and Showtime representatives have declined to comment on the report but it's possible that a result will be revealed in time for E3 2014 in June.

Until then, Halo fans should also look out for an announcement concerning the franchise's debut on the Xbox One, which could happen in the form of an all-new Halo 5 or a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition.

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