Halo Series Breaks 50 Million Sales Mark

343 Industries is already working on a new game featuring Master Chief

Video game developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft announce that the Halo series has managed to break the 50 million copies sold barrier, making it one of the most successful franchises in the world of video games.

The series now has eight core games and 46 million units were sold before the launch of Halo 4, which took place in early November of this year.

The new title, which sees Master Chief and Cortana return to the series, has managed to perform very well and another 4 million copies were delivered in less than one month.

Halo 4 is seen as a last hurrah for the Xbox 360 home console and everyone expects to see the next game in the series appear on a whole new hardware platform from Microsoft.

343 Industries has suggested that it is in the early stages of development for a new Halo title.

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