Halo 4’s Multiplayer Mode Won’t Be Offered as Standalone Experience

Microsoft will still offer game owners the ability to download the multiplayer files

Microsoft has confirmed that it has no plans to offer the multiplayer mode of its recently released Halo 4 shooter as a standalone experience, despite the fact that owners of the game can download the files needed for the multiplayer mode via Xbox Live.

Halo 4 was released earlier this week and comes with two DVDs, one with the actual game and one with the content for the multiplayer mode, which needs to be installed on the Xbox 360’s hard drive.

Besides installing it from the second DVD, Microsoft also offers Halo 4 owners the possibility of downloading the needed files via Xbox 360.

This has led to some speculation that Microsoft might offer Halo 4’s multiplayer mode as a standalone experience, but these rumors have been shot down by Microsoft.

“The option to download Halo 4 multiplayer content from Xbox Live is simply an additional option we're providing to consumers,” Microsoft told CVG. “There are no plans to offer Halo 4 Infinity Multiplayer digital download as a separate product or purchase.”

As such, it seems that the only way to experience Halo 4’s multiplayer is by buying the whole game.

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