Halo 4 Spartan Ops Season 1 Delivers 50 DLC Missions for Free

All these single-player and co-op missions will add 12 hours of content

One of Microsoft’s new marketing brochures for Halo 4 has just been leaked on the web and, besides highlighting details we already knew about, it mentions the Spartan Ops downloadable content strategy, whose first season will see 50 missions be released throughout 10 weeks, thereby adding 12 hours of gameplay to the shooter, completely free.

Halo 4 is one of the biggest games that will be launched this year, so Microsoft wants to make sure that everyone is excited, including both old fans and new players.

As such, it’s been offering different marketing brochures to employees of retail stores. One of them was posted online by LittleEnglishHaloBlog and provides some rather interesting information about the Spartan Ops DLC strategy.

According to Microsoft, as part of the first season of Spartan Ops, 50 missions will be delivered to players throughout 10 weeks, adding a total of 12 hours to the single-player and cooperative campaign, completely free.

It’s expected that more seasons will be released after that as paid DLC but it’s still quite a good deal.

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