Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 4 Out Today, Gets Video Teaser

Explore the Didact's Hand and meet a mysterious new character

The fourth Spartan Ops episode for Halo 4 is out today, November 26, on the Xbox 360 platform, via Xbox Live, and has just received some official details as well as a teaser video.

Halo 4 delivers a great single-player and a top-notch multiplayer experience. Besides these campaigns, there’s also a special Spartan Ops section in Infinity online mode that receives weekly DLC for free.

Three episodes have already been released for Spartan Ops and now the fourth one – Didact’s Hands – is getting ready to appear.

In this new episode, players will interact with Doctor Halsey, who was presented in the last part of Spartan Ops, and explore the mysterious Sangheili terrorist known only as The Didact’s Hand.

A special teaser video was also released, showing off some of the intense moments that will be present in the new episode.

Spartan Ops Episode 4 for Halo 4 is available as a free download via Xbox Live.

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