Halo 4 Main Villain Is Forerunner Didact

The game will focus around exploration of his homeworld

A series of leaked information coming from developer 343 Industries has revealed that the main villain of the game will be a Forerunner called Didact, who is thought to be a living God by the Covenant and will face off against Master Chief.

His existence is mentioned in the Halo anime and in the novel Cryptum and now a shot of the script used for the game in the most recent trailer has confirmed him as the main bad guy of Halo 4.

The confrontation between Didact and Master Chief will be physical in nature, which means that the Forefunner is more than simply a frail presence.

Halo 4 will be launched on November 6 of this year exclusively on the Xbox 360 home console from Microsoft.

The game is designed to create a second trilogy of titles linked to the franchise and also deals with the aftermath of the end of the war between the UNSC and the Covenant.

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