Halo 4 Crimson DLC Banning Error Is Now Fixed, Microsoft Says

All affected accounts have been reinstated and the issue has been resolved

Microsoft has posted an official statement concerning an error with the latest Crimson Map Pack DLC for Halo 4, saying that only 200 players were banned as a result of the glitch.

Halo 4 received a brand new DLC pack last week, in the form of the Crimson add-on, which included new maps and a fresh multiplayer mode.

Sadly, the release of the add-on wasn't without issues, as those who should have gotten it for free weren't able to download it until a day later than expected.

Over the weekend, other Halo 4 players found that they were banned from accessing certain parts of the game.

Now, Microsoft has confirmed, via Kotaku, that the banning error has been remedied and that only a few people actually had their accounts affected by the glitch.

Those players were reinstated by Microsoft and the company says the error shouldn't affect anyone else in the future.

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