Halo 2 PC Multiplayer Support Extended Until June

343 Industries is exploring other solutions to keeping online support for the shooter

343 Industries has confirmed that the multiplayer mode for Halo 2 on the PC platform won't get shut down, as the dedicated servers will continue to be operational at least until June of this year.

Halo 2 impressed lots of original Xbox owners many years ago and then made the transition to the PC back in 2007, where it also became quite popular, particularly for its multiplayer mode.

As such, when 343 Industries confirmed earlier this year that the multiplayer support for the game would be shut down this month, many fans started asking the studio to reverse its decision.

Now, 343's David Ellis has confirmed on Twitter that the Halo 2 multiplayer support on PC has been extended until June 2013.

He has also mentioned that the studio will investigate further options, so it's likely that the multiplayer will continue to live after June this year.

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