Hackers Start Attacking Controversial The War Z MMO

The online game has been hit with DDOS attacks and DNS IP resets

The War Z, the controversial online game from developer Hammerpoint Interactive, is currently being targeted by hackers with DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and the studio is trying hard to solve all of the ongoing issues.

The War Z generated a huge controversy late last year, as an incomplete version of the online game was released on the Steam digital distribution service, prompting a negative backlash from fans.

After it was taken down and refunds were offered to those who didn't like the game, developer Hammerpoint pledged to continue working on the title and provide a better experience for players.

Now, this promise is in jeopardy, as hackers have begun targeting the game with things like DDOS attacks or by resetting the DNS IPs on its servers.

According to a post on the official forums, the technical team is trying to solve all the issues as fast as possible, so expect things to get back to normal soon enough.

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