Hackers Release the Homebrew Channel for the Wii U

The console might soon be opened up for homebrew apps

The hackers responsible for the infamous Homebrew Channel application for the Nintendo Wii have now released a new version of the app that works on the recently released Nintendo Wii U, albeit only in the virtual Wii sandbox.

The Nintendo Wii has become extremely popular since its release many years ago, not only because of its unique features but also because it was easily circumvented by hackers to run all sorts of applications, from actual homebrew apps to illegal pirated copies of games.

One of the most popular methods was through the HackMii installer, which added a special application to the Wii's menu called the Homebrew Channel, allowing players to load up other pieces of software, from games to apps and much more.

Now, the hackers behind the HackMii installer have released a new version of the Homebrew Channel which can be installed both on Wii consoles and inside the virtual Wii sandbox environment on the Wii U.

The hackers note on their website that the Homebrew Channel isn't specifically available for the Wii U, although they're working on bringing the application to the new home console.

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