Guild Wars 2 Will Have an Expansion, No Details Yet

The team wants to make sure that the MMO has no issues

Despite the solid performance of Guild Wars 2, the development team at ArenaNet is not yet ready to talk about the content of a much rumored expansion, which might be launched as early as this year.

Colin Johanson, the game director working on the MMO, tells VG247 that, “I can say we absolutely will have expansions in the future, however right now our major focus is on building upon the core living world and major game systems of Guild Wars 2. Thematically, we’ll discuss expansion content a lot more once it’s closer to being realized.”

Guild Wars 2 uses a business model that does not ask the player to pay a monthly subscription and the team relies on retail sales of the core game and its expansions in order to get revenue and continue development.

Guild Wars 2 is currently introducing a new living world system complete with more events to keep players entertained.

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