Guild Wars 2 Will Have Less Downtime Than the Original

The team is ready to ensure the best possible customer experience

Colin Johanson, the game director working on Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet, believes that Guild Wars 2, despite its popularity, will have less overall downtime than its MMO predecessor and will offer a better overall experience to player.

The developer tells VG247 that, “We set a legacy with the first Guild Wars we’re going to live up to with Guild Wars 2, the total down time for the first game over seven-plus years is so tiny it’s insane, and we want to be even better in Guild Wars 2.”

ArenaNet aims to get to a situation where most gamers never see a “down for maintenance” message while playing Guild Wars 2.

During 2013, players of the MMO will get access to more content and the game might even see its first paid expansion.

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