Guild Wars 2 Will Get New Dungeons, Creatures, More PvP eSports Support

The development team wants a more varied game world

The development team at ArenaNet says that it has big plans for its Guild Wars 2 MMO for the coming months, designed to enhance the current game experience and give players who spend a lot of time in the title more content to get through.

Chris Whiteside, the studio design director at ArenaNet, is quoted by VG247 as saying that all existing dungeons will be rebalanced, with all encounters overhauled, while more dungeons will be added to the Fractal of the Mists.

Events and creatures will be expanded on, with a better scaling system and with a clearer progression system for players who start a new character.

Southsun Cove will get more persistent content and more adventures will be added throughout Guild Wars 2.

The team at ArenaNet is also working on the Player versus Player side of the MMO and wants to add more elements that make it interesting to gamers who like eSports.

New content is also being prepared to the World versus World mode and more rewards are planned for successful players.

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