Guild Wars 2 Wants Player Feedback for Lost Shores Event

Some gamers have reported bugs and other issues with it

Video game developer ArenaNet ran the first big post-launch event for its MMO Guild Wars 2 during the previous weekend and the company is now seeking to find out what players thought about it and how they would like to see similar events play out in the future.

Some gamers have reported that the Lost Shores event had a number of bugs, while others were happy with the new content added to Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet wants to find out their exact opinion on the event.

The ArenaNet-made title uses a unique business model, asking players to pay for the initial retail package and then allowing gamers to engage with the game world as long as they want, without paying a monthly subscription.

Guild Wars 2 makes money from its in-game store, which offers mostly cosmetic changes, and from the sale of coming expansion packages.

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