Guild Wars 2: The Gathering Storm Is Live on February 26

The event will introduce long term changes to the MMO

Developer ArenaNet says that The Gathering Storm, the second part of the Flame and Frost narrative, will be launched in the MMO Guild Wars 2 on February 26.

Players will be able to get access to a number of new missions for guilds, a new Player versus Player map called Spirit Watch and additional rewards for performing well in battle.

Developers add in the official announcement that, “With our new selectable achievement system, you’ll have a chance to set new daily challenges for yourself and to choose what kind of content you want to be rewarded for playing.”

Flame and Frost is the first Living Story element introduced to Guild Wars 2 and the team at ArenaNet has long term plans to use them to change the core elements of the game world via future storylines.

Guild Wars 2 will also get access to a Realm versus Realm update during March.

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