Guild Wars 2 Player vs. Player Improvements Are Designed for eSports Future

The MMO will need a mechanics and infrastructure upgrade

The development team at ArenaNet has previously expressed interest in Guild Wars 2 becoming a fixture of the eSports world and it is currently planning changes designed to improve the Player versus Player gameplay to achieve the goal.

Colin Johanson, the game director working on Guild Wars 2, believes that the MMO needs to have the infrastructure and the mechanics to support a large number of players who want competitive gameplay.

He tells VG247 that, “They’re looking to have fun, be matched against players of similar skill, for it to be easy to get in and out of PvP games, and most importantly, feel like there is a strong sense of reward and progression for their time.”

Guild Wars 2 was launched during 2012 and rumors suggest that it might get an expansion this year.

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