Guild Wars 2 Plans Massive World Event

The MMO will allow all gamers to play a part in a Lost Shore adventure

The development team at ArenaNet teases a massive event that will be introduced into their MMO Guild Wars 2 later during November, and which will apparently be the biggest that the game has seen since launch.

The developers say that the MMO will see “massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever” and the hints point to something that “stirs in the Sea of Sorrows.”

The Lost Shores area of Guild Wars 2 will be the most affected and gamers will have to tackle a monstrous creature.

Considering the water-based source, this might mean anything from kraken to sea snake or undead drowned walkers.

The patch for Guild Wars 2 will be deployed on November 15, but the event might not necessarily start on the same date.

Guild Wars 2 is a unique MMO, which asks players to pay for the initial retail package and then allows them to enjoy the game without paying a monthly subscription.

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