Guild Wars 2 Is on Sale, Guild Missions Detailed

Players will be able to tackle more quests with friends

Guild Wars 2 is on sale at the moment, with players able to get the MMO from ArenaNet with a 30 percent price cut for both the normal and the Digital Deluxe version.

The development team is also giving fans of the title more information on the guild missions that are being added, designed to give gamers more chances to play with their friends and allow them to earn more unlocks.

Guild missions can be launched from the guild tree and rely on team work and coordination, but they take place in the persistent world of Guild Wars 2, which means that players who are nearby can work with the guild to complete them.

A full list of the missions that are offered on launch is available on the official ArenaNet site.

Guild Wars 2 is free once a player buys the retail game package.

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