Guild Wars 2 Is Undergoing Maintenance Until 12 GMT/4 AM PST

Gamers will also be unable to access the Black Lion Trading Company

The development team at ArenaNet working on Guild Wars 2 says that it is currently doing maintenance work on the MMO, with the game expected to be down until 4 AM Pacific Standard Time, which is the equivalent of 12 Greenwich Mean Time.

The team states, “During this period players on both North American and European worlds will not be able to log in. Forums,, and will also not be available during this time.”

ArenaNet also says that the Black Lion Trading Company will not be available for a longer period, until 6 AM PST and 14 PM GMT.

Presumably, the maintenance is required in order to prepare Guild Wars 2 for the extensive changes that the developers plan to implement in the coming months.

On February 26, the second part of the Fire and Frost event is launching in the MMO, the first of the Living Story elements.

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