Guild Wars 2 Has Seven Development Teams

The studio wants to make sure each aspect of the MMO is covered

ArenaNet, the studio behind the recently launched Guild Wars 2 MMORPG, has confirmed that it currently has seven teams in charge of the online game, each with specific tasks and goals.

Guild Wars 2 came out back in August and has since delivered a great online experience to players, even if it was targeted by scammers, hackers, and others nefarious individuals.

Now, Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Colin Johanson has revealed, via GamesIndustry, that the studio has not one but seven separate teams currently handling various sides of the game, from security to special events, or transactions.

These seven teams consist of: Live security, Live response, PvP/E-Sports, Holidays and events, Mac and performance, Bonus teams, Commerce.

According to Johanson, this new strategy allows the studio to better focus on the game’s different areas and make sure that players are happy.

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