Guild Wars 2 Has Patch Download-Related Connectivity Issues

ArenaNet advises gamers to be patient and wait for the problem to clear itself

The newly launched patch for the MMO Guild Wars 2 seems to be causing problems for some players who are unable to connect to the game regardless of the setting that they are using.

Regina Buenaobra, the community team leader for North America, took to the official forums of the ArenaNet game to say, “We’re aware that some folks are experiencing connection errors. Please be patient. The patch is around 500 MB, and everybody is trying to get the patch at the same time. Thanks for your understanding.”

It’s unclear whether the company is updating its network infrastructure or whether the problem will disappear on its own once gamers get the patch.

Guild Wars 2 has recently received a new series of live events, which introduce more dynamic gameplay to the MMO.

An expansion might also be launched during 2013.

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