Guild Wars 2 Gets Refer Program on November 15

The active period will coincide with the new Lost Coast event

The development team at ArenaNet announces that it is launching a new refer-a-friend program for the MMO Guild Wars 2 between November 15 and 18.

Starting with November 12, all those who have bought Guild Wars 2 will be able to choose friends who might be interested in the MMO and then send out invites.

Players who get them will be able to log in for free for the three-day period and experience the game that ArenaNet has created.

During the same period, the MMO will experience The Lost Coast event, the first major one since launch.

Guild Wars 2 uses a unique business mode, asking players to pay for the initial retail package and then allowing them to access the game for as long as they want, without paying a monthly subscription.

The refer-a-friend initiative is designed to increase sales for Guild Wars 2.

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