Guild Wars 2 Gets High Level Gear for Level Capped Characters

The developers are also looking into delivering more game content

Linsey Murdock, a game designer working on Guild Wars 2, says that the team is looking for ways to improve the gameplay for high-end players, with one of the main contenders being the addition of high level gear and items.

On the official forums, the developer says, “Our desire is to create a game that is more inclusive for hardcore and casual players alike, but we don’t want to overlook the basic need for players to feel like they are progressing and growing even after hitting max level.”

He adds, “Adding item progression is a delicate process normally undertaken in an expansion, but we feel it’s important to strive to satisfy the basic needs of our players sooner rather than later.”

Guild Wars 2 will also increase the difficulty of combat for those characters who reach the level cap and new content for them is also being created.

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