Guild Wars 2 Gets Character Customization Options, No Name Changes

Gamers will get access to two new cosmetic items in the store

Developer ArenaNet is now giving players more options to change the look of their characters in the MMO Guild Wars 2 but the team does not have plans to allow for full name changes at the moment.

The in-game store for Guild Wars 2 is offering a Self-Style Hair Kit for 250 gems and a Total Makeover Kit for 350 gems, which can be used to change the core visual characteristics for any of the MMO characters.

The official Twitter messages from the developer state, “The ‘Total Makeover Kit’ does not include a name change. ^AT” and “currently it is just the option to make a different choice without re-rolling. ^AT”

Presumably, if more players ask for the ability to change the name of their characters, ArenaNet will work on an item which gives this option to players willing to pay for it.

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