Guardians of Middle-Earth Gets Access to Bilbo Baggins and Bert the Troll

Gamers can also download a new Shire-themed map for free

Players who are currently enjoying Guardians of Middle-Earth can now download two characters linked to the newly released The Hobbit movie, Bilbo Baggins himself and Bert the Troll, alongside a new Shire-themed map for the title.

The content is available on both the Xbox Live Arcade from Microsoft and on the PlayStation Network from Sony.

Bilbo is the hero of The Hobbit, while Bert the Troll is one of the enemies he faces in his quest.

Guardians of Middle-Earth is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, which allows players to choose heroes and villains from the world of the Tolkien books and movies based on them and then battle other gamers in team-based matches.

The game was launched early in December and Warner Bros. has promised that it will deliver more content for the game in the coming months.

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