Guardians of Middle-Earth DLC Introduces Two New Characters

Thorin Oakenshield and The Great Goblin are now available for all players

The development team at Monolith and publisher Warner Bros. are now giving players a chance to use both Thorin Oakenshield and The Great Goblin as characters in the recently launched Guardians of Middle-Earth.

The game uses a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena structure, which means that teams of five players can select both heroes and villains from the expansive cast of The Lord of the Rings and then use them on a variety of maps.

Thorin Oakenshield leads the merry dwarf band that accompanies Bilbo in his quest to drive Smaug the Dragon out of the Lonely Mountain.

The Great Goblin is the leader of the band of enemies that the characters fight in the High Pass.

The new characters are available on both the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade.

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