Graphics and Social Elements Will Drive Next Gen Success, Says Ubisoft CEO

The PlayStation 4 is within the requested parameters

Yves Guillemot, the leader of French publisher Ubisoft, believes that social features and improvements in graphics quality will be both involved in the long-term success of the next generation of home consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The executive tells Kotaku that, “You need both, because, in our world, the fact that you can be immersed in new worlds with NPCs who can be emotional will help you to get into those worlds and be immersed.”

Sony brought David Cage, the leader of Quantic Dream, on stage at the PlayStation 4 reveal event in order to talk about how emotion can be integrated into games with new technology.

Ubisoft also wants the next generation of consoles to be more social in order to appeal to a larger segment of players.

The only game that’s currently confirmed as coming to the PlayStation 4 is Watch Dogs.

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