Grand Theft Auto V Gets New Artwork

Check out another one of GTA V's eclectic characters

Another day, another artwork from Grand Theft Auto V leaked on the web, this time portraying a particularly angry-looking individual riding a quadbike and wielding a high-powered sniper rifle.

GTA V is without a doubt one of the biggest games set to appear in 2013 and, after receiving an official spring release date, lots of artwork from the upcoming title has appeared online, depicting a variety of sequences and quite a lot of pretty ladies, not to mention different locations from its open world.

Now, AGB has just leaked another bit of artwork, this time in the form of a scanned photo that depicts a pretty worn-out guy riding a quadbike on a beach while wielding an impressive sniper rifle.

Without a doubt he’s one of the more seedy individuals to be encountered by players throughout their virtual adventures in Los Santos, but it’s unclear whether he’s a bad guy or one of the more morally ambiguous ones.

Expect to hear some official details about GTA V later this week straight from developer Rockstar Games.

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