Grand Theft Auto 5 Casino DLC Gets Leaked via Audio Files

A new casino location with an in-door race track is mentioned in the sound bites

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to receive a brand new downloadable content pack in the near future, as quite a few audio files containing references to the add-on have been found within the files of the Beach Bum DLC, which came out for GTA Online last week.

GTA 5 has amazed tens of millions of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners worldwide and developer Rockstar is currently working hard on new content both for its single-player and multiplayer modes, not to mention updates and patches designed to improve the experience.

After getting the free Beach Bum DLC alongside patch 1.06 last week, some players have started digging around the new files and found quite a few references to another multiplayer DLC involving a casino equipped with in-door race tracks and much more.

The files have all been compiled in a video that you can admire above.

As of yet, Rockstar hasn't commented on the new findings.

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