Gran Turismo Is Coming to the PS Vita, Survey Says

Sony might also offer a brand new feature to PlayStation Plus members

Sony has apparently set up an online survey that hints at a couple of new things, namely a Gran Turismo game for the PlayStation Vita and a new feature for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony unveiled quite a few new features and games during its E3 2012 expo, but it seems that the company still has a few aces up its sleeve.

According to IGN, an online survey has been set up that asks gamers how they feel about an iteration in the Gran Turismo racing series designed for the PlayStation Vita console.

What’s more, another question asks players how they feel about a new feature for the PlayStation Plus subscription, which would allow paying members to get a game for one platform (PS Vita, for example) and then receive its other version (for the PS3) for free.

Seeing as how both questions are part of a survey, Sony is still undecided about these two things, so expect some more time to pass before seeing new PS Plus perks or a Gran Turismo game for the PS Vita.

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