Gran Turismo 5 Receives Secret Corvette C7 Test Prototype

The actual car will only be revealed early next year

The development team at Polyphony Digital and publisher Sony are giving fans of the racing game Gran Turismo 5 a chance to download and play with the new secret Corvette C7 Test Prototype.

The actual car has never been seen in public and Chevrolet is carefully camouflaging all details linked to the new prototype.

At the moment, spy photos for the car concept are worth more than 100,000 dollars (€77,200) and the official reveal is set for January 13, 2013 at the moment.

The downloadable content for Gran Turismo 5 can be obtained for free and gamers will probably also get the official, non-camo version of the car early next year.

The development team has promised to offer more DLC for the racing game in the coming months, even if it is starting development on the next title in the series.

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