Google Withdraws Some Patent Claims in Dispute Against Microsoft

The Xbox 360 is now violating just one of the patents Google owns through Motorola

Google's Motorola Mobility has made a few changes to the ongoing lawsuit between it and Microsoft, as it has just withdrawn two of the three patents on which the Xbox 360 is infringing, thereby conforming to a past ruling from the FTC.

Motorola and Microsoft have been engaged in a bitter patent war for quite some time both in the U.S. and in other countries, like Germany.

While some rulings declared Motorola the winner, others claimed that the mobile phone company has no basis on which to ask for an injunction against Microsoft's Xbox 360, which would have forced the corporation to stop selling its console.

Now, Motorola has confirmed, via CNET, that it has just withdrawn two of the three patents that it claims the Xbox 360 is infringing upon.

As of right now, the company only claims that Microsoft's console is violating a patent relating to wireless peer-to-peer communication.

A final ruling in the case is expected to be announced in the near future.

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