Goodbye Deponia Is Final Game in Adventure Trilogy

Rufus and companion Goal will finally get to Elysium

Daedalic Entertainment announces that the final title in its adventure game trilogy based around a trash planet will be called Goodby Deponia. This will focus on main character Rufus and on his beloved Goal as they finally find a way of reaching Elysium, in order to save their world from being destroyed.

The developers say that, “Rufus seems to have polished his unmatched talent for wreaking havoc on everybody and everything around him. Instead of celebrating his big triumph, another heavy setback awaits him. For the first time in his life, he starts doubting himself.”

No more details are offered on the actual events of the game, but it seems that a number of known characters will make a return.

Goodbye Deponia will be launched during the fall quarter of 2013.

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