God of War: Ascension Dev Diary Video Takes a Look at Its Technology

See how the Santa Monica team focused on the multiplayer mode

A brand new developer diary video has just been released for God of War: Ascension, this time with the team at Sony Santa Monica showcasing a behind the scenes look at the technology that powers the game's multiplayer.

God of War: Ascension not only features a new story focusing on the franchise's protagonist, Kratos, but also an all-new multiplayer mode that's a first for the series.

We already saw the online mode in action and PS Plus subscribers can get in on it by downloading the beta stage for the Ascension multiplayer via the PS Store.

Now, for those that like to see just how the online mode came to be and what technology powers it, a brand new video has been posted online, showcasing just how the whole multiplayer project evolved.

Check out the developer diary above and get ready for the release of God of War: Ascension on March 12, in North America, and March 13, in Europe, only for the PS3.

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