Gloin Hero Now Available in Guardians of Middle-Earth

Monolith is introducing more heroes to the MOBA game

The development team at Monolith says that all those who are playing Guardians of Middle-Earth on the Xbox 360 can now download and play as Gloin, another of the dwarfs that accompanies Bilbo on his quest to Erebor.

Gloin is best known for being the father of Gimli, one of the main characters of The Lord of the Rings.

His official description states, “His abilities as a warrior allow him to get up close and personal with his foes, all while relying on his Dwarven traits to keep him in the thick of even the most dangerous battles.”

Gloin’s abilities include A Bit of Fire, which gives him speed while damaging enemies, Durin’s Line, an area of effect attack, Dwarven Stubbornness, which makes him tougher and lights enemies on fire, and Mighty Axe, a medium range attack with added stun.

Gloin will also soon be offered for the PSN version of Guardians of Middle-Earth.

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