Get Velvet Assassin for Just 1.25 Euro or Dollars on Steam

The main character is based on rea-life spy Violette Szabo

Velvet Assassin, the stealth action mix set during World War II, is now available on Steam with a big price cut, which means that players can get the game for 1.25 Euro or dollars, a reduction of 75 percent over the normal cost.

Velvet Assassin was developed by Replay Studios and published by SouthPeak Games during 2009.

The story was inspired by the real-world exploits of one Violette Szabo, a British spy that operated deep in the German-administered Europe during World War II.

Players need to take advantage of cover, darkness and shadows in order to move around the environment before launching one of the 50 stealth actions so as to take down enemy soldiers and complete the game missions.

The game got a poor reception on launch, both commercially and critically.

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