Get Improved Graphics for Aliens: Colonial Marines with Steam Guide

Gamers need to tweak files, reports about results are mixed

A player called adonys has put together a set of configuration files for the recently launched Aliens: Colonial Marines that are specifically designed to improve the overall graphics quality of the game, which gamers were disappointed with on launch.

The guide comes complete with instructions on what to change and with files that are designed to be easy to download and drop into the game directory.

There’s also a discussion between Aliens: Colonial Marines players who are looking for ways to improve their overall game experience.

The section of the game on Steam offers another two guides that might improve visuals.

Apparently, one of the biggest problems of Aliens is that the supported graphics card list in the .ini files fails to mention any launches after 2007.

The information lends credibility to rumors that Colonial Marines had a long and troubled development process, which led to the lower than expected quality on launch.

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