Get Free MS Points by Playing Halo 4’s Multiplayer Mode, via Xbox Rewards

Spend time and money on the new game and earn some free MS Points in the process

Microsoft has unleashed a brand new offer for members of its Xbox Live Rewards program, as they’ll receive free MS Points in exchange for engaging in the multiplayer mode of Halo 4, the recently released Xbox 360-exclusive shooter.

Halo 4 came out yesterday and, while some server problems affected certain players, it’s on track to break sales records and keep millions of players hooked to its multiplayer mode.

In order to make the online action that much more enticing, Microsoft has now confirmed that it’s offering free MS Points to Xbox Live Rewards members who engage in the multiplayer of Halo 4.

Playing 35 hours online will get you 100 MS Points, while over 70 hours means you’ll get 300 MS Points. The top tier offers players 600 MS Points in exchange for accumulating 140 hours of multiplayer time.

Microsoft will also offer rewards to those who spend money on Halo content from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Spending 1500 MS Points means you get 100 of them back, while spending 3000 will get you 200 back.

This special offer is valid until November 30 and you need to be an Xbox Live Rewards member to take advantage of it. Check out the full details here.

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