Genre and Target Audience Will Influence PS4 Game Architecture, Says Sony Executive

The new console aims to satisfy an array of possible tastes

Michael Denny, the senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, believes that one of the main characteristics of the PlayStation 4 will be the variety of game experiences that it will offer.

Speaking to CVG, the executive states, “It’s not one size fits all; it depends on the content, it depends on the market you’re going for, the genre.”

Sony has already explained that it will offer extensive indie support on the PlayStation 4, with The Witness from Jonathan Blow leading the charge.

Denny adds, “But I think it’s important that there’s always a place for those big, triple-A experiences.”

The PlayStation 4 will support digital releases for all titles at the same time as physical copies arrive in stores, making it easier for indies to compete with AAA launches.

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