Gears of War: Judgment Gets Official Cover Art

The game's box focuses on Damon Baird and his other Kilo Squad teammates

Microsoft and Epic Games have posted the official cover of their upcoming Gears of War: Judgment shooter, focusing on the new main character of the game, Damon Baird, while showing off the other members of Kilo squad.

Gears of War: Judgment acts as a prequel to the first three games in the series, focusing on two characters that already appeared in the franchise, Damon Baird and Augustus "Coal Train" Cole.

The two soldiers lead Kilo Squad, and two other characters, in the form of Sofia Hendrik and Garron Paduk, join them.

We already saw quite a few videos with the game's story and its multiplayer modes, as well as plenty of screenshots that show off the intense action in the new shooter.

Now, Microsoft and Epic Games have confirmed the game's official cover, via VG247.

As you can see below, the box art focuses on Baird and it also shows off Cole Train and Hendrik.

The game is out officially for the Xbox 360 on March 19.

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